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Admission to PRIMETIME

A drive to succeed and a healthy dose of curiosity are keys to succeed in PN-G Primetime where students are not afraid to take chances. Students have many opportunities for hands-on experience and they get to create, create, create!

PN-G Primetime presents an in-house broadcast every Friday morning giving students and faculty a closer look at our school and our activities.

PN-G Primetime students work as "INDIAN CAMERA CREW" at all home activities as well as a live production for the Jumbotron at home games.

(listed as VIDEO TECHNOLOGY in the schedule handout)

To be conisdered for enrollment in Primetime, please fill out the form from the counselor's office and turn in by the deadline.

Once all requests are met, admission is a 'selective admission' process.

Qualifications include:
completing BIM-1 with a minimum grade of 80 for the year
good attendance
few or no tardies
S in conduct for all previous classes
history of eligibility

If more students apply than enrollment will allow, additional qualifications will be considered:
on-air screen test
an interview
teacher recommendation
principal approval.

If you are enrolled in this program, you must be able to commit to at least two "Indina Camera Crew" assignments per grading period (ie: football games, volleyball games, theatre productions, choir concerts, etc.)